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Of revolutions which never were, and model Arab countries, which also never were

by Nader Naderi

I am writing from Tehran amidst the “revolution”, and the uprising that BBC so assiduously has broadcast the
“eye witness account” of. The same “revolution” Hillary Clinton has come out in support of, and Obama has
promised to protect.

As you can all see, the electricity is off, so I am using a pedal generator; I have a lend of the hamster and the
hamster-wheel thereof, from my next door neighbour's little daughter, in an attempt to couple up the little critter to the generator for the benefit of running my computer, although I might add that I am not personally
exploiting the hamster, and I am typing away in the candle light! Oh the hardships, and the travails of it all.

It is getting so tiring, so repetitive and no longer even worth urinating on the so called “Media” in the “West”
(US and toadies Inc.), and the scoundrels posing as the political leadership of the “West”.

You all know that BBC, is busy pioneering cutting edge techniques of divining news of the events taking place
in Tehran from afar, through new methods developed; under the tutelage of Mystic Meg, whom is secretly
employed as a technical advisor (Wikileaks files soon to be released will tell of the project “newscasters whom
stare at crystal balls” (or for that matter any kind of balls they could have found to get busy with fondling,
polishing, etc. ####Editor's note; This last bit of revelations could have been put there to discredit the already
discredited money grabbing, and potential sex pervert, Julian Assange####)). This kind of reportage from the
doyen of broadcasting, leave the standards of other Media organisations to imagination, and it appears given the worst scenarios imagined somehow seem to fall short of the so called news disseminated for the consumption of the Western Audiences.

You will all recall the reportage on Tunisia as; “A Modern Arab State, that is a Model for other Arab states”, was getting broadcast around the clock at the beginning of the uprisings in Tunisia. This kind of venal reportage of the Embedded Media (embedded with the elite, and special interest groups) portrayed the
demonstrators on the streets of Tunis; getting shot at by the thugs of bin Ali, as; “Muslims Jihadists”, disaffected youth, and bread rioters.

All of the news snippets about Tunisia singularly failed to outline the repression exercised by bin Ali in the name of Modernism, and the humiliation he subjected the Tunisians to, in the name of Secularism. Fact that Tunisians had to apply for permits to attend Mosques for worship never made any news headlines, and even if these ugly actualities had been exposed in the current anti Islam, and anti Muslim hysteria sponsored and globally franchised by the Zionists would not have made much of an impact on the Western Audiences of the “news feeds” of the Embedded Media.

Map Showing Iran and the Persian Gulf as part of the Middle East

Illustration 1: As it can be clearly seen “no child left behind” is working at
Fox, hence the rearranged Geography. Now it all is clear why the
“Arabian” and not Persian Gulf.

The subsequent Egyptian uprising was portrayed as bread riots, and caution was advised for a “smooth reform”
whilst “I am a Zionist Biden” the US VP went on record defending Mubarak; “he is not a dictator” Biden
proclaimed on NBC, or was it CBS? Also Obama offered advice; “smooth transition”, and behind the scenes;
Suliman the head of secret services (head torturer) was appointed as VP for Mubarak. This was hailed as a
giant step forward in Egyptian politics, which hitherto did not have a post of VP.

The almost infantile kidding along engaged in by the Western Embedded Media, shamelessly promoted the
interests of Zionistan (Israel). This was concomitant with the worried AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs
Committee) dignitaries scurrying around to pull favours and force the Obama administration into declarations
of unity with Zionistan, and the dangers of a “democratic Egypt” to Zionistan.

Netanyahu the head honcho in Zionistan , taking precautions; urged his lackeys to keep mum on all things
Egypt. As he was contemplating the report to Knesset (Zionistan talking shop) by his chief of military
intelligence; General Aviv Kochavi whom was singing the praises of Mubarak's solid and resilient rule as ever
in Egypt, and sounding all is well, just about two weeks prior to the “bread riots” in Egypt.

Netanyahu and gang coping with the difficulties of being unable to express an opinion (a great torture for the
psychotic Zionists), did not manage to keep mum for long. Then their pent up emotions broke loose, along with
the patent fears; there goes the neighbourhood stool pigeon, now what do these Zionist do? The trumpets of
doom began to be blown yet again by the frustrated and tortured Zionists; “Muslims are coming, and soon in a
minute “Sharia Laws” are to be passed in the Western Capitals”!

Well so much for being in touch with realities for the great and the good in the West. The fact that, the policies of all out Anti Islamic hatred sewn by assiduous, and careful efforts to discount all Muslims as human beings, as well as cultivation of the negative stereotypes portraying Muslims, and their religion Islam as a substitute for; reactionary regressive, unreasoning, with a penchant for; “Jihad” (foreign words sound a lot more vile, dangerous and; anti everything, as we know it), “Terrorism”, “Extremism”, “Stick in the mud, down right anti; progress, technology, and women too (just ask Kilroy Silk).

All the while these great and the good reliant on their hand picked sock-puppets installed as vassals in situ in
the Mid East; not to kick up a fuss about such patent racism and overt discrimination against one fifth of the
planet's population.

The simple truth belying the franchise of the Anti Islam, and Muslim hatred of the Zionists becoming so
prevalent and acceptable across the West, served a twin purpose;

A- Zionists engaged in the genocide of the Palestinians, could enjoy being left alone if not supported for
their ethnic cleansing of these undesirable Islamic Untermensch (German term; Sub-Human), which
Zionists so openly talk over these, and go about killing these at will, and destroy their homes,
businesses, and lives, all in the way of realization of “Eretz Israel” (Greater Zionistan). As well as
realizing the rationale of Arthur Balfour; “loyal little Ulster amidst the Arab heartlands” , by recreation
of the sad and sorry Irish problem in the Mid East.

B- Muslims under the charge of the sock-puppets having lost all forms of cohesive unity, and, any kind
of “people organisations” due to the systematic disassembly's of all forms of movements that could
become dangerous mass movements, that in turn could pose grave threats to the vassals and their
sponsors given the expressions of any kind of people power.

The policies of divide and rule solely rely on the divisions, and intend to break up the masses in their;
cohesions, unity of purpose. In a bid to simply drive home; resistance is futile. Therefore rendering the
probable and potential people power ineffective.

The symbiosis of hate of all things Islamic among the vassals and their overlords, made possible the repression
of one in five human beings an acceptable and as a matter of course issue, that has become so acceptable to the degrees; as to be debated freely and without any fuss at the dinner tables of the Western Audiences as pointed out by Baroness Warsi.

The response to Warsi statements has been a deluge of the flood of indignation in the Embedded Media,
making the path clear for the anti Multicultural speech of Prime Minster Cameron, whom joined the illustrious
ranks of the Islam haters in Europe and US, by declaring; multiculturalism has failed.
Fact that Cameron declared the unipolar world as the only alternative for governance, at home and abroad, was in line with speeches of Merkle, and Sarkozy, and designed to drive home the discount of all other cultures, and nations, and instead offer a standard thread size groove that is narrowly defined as “our values”. The reflections of the savages that ought to be civilized at the points of bayonets, and the white-man's burden
abound, the Embedded Media picked up that baton with glee, and ran with constituting a new political party;
EDL. The elevation of thugs, and football hooligans to politicians was the crowning glory of antimulticulturalism

Alas these great and good have not understood the mechanics of riding the Dragon of Hate, that could be
somewhat tricky to state the least. The mathematics of keeping one in five Muslims in fear of their lives,
through the proxy vassals, as well as military attacks and invasions of certain countries. As we all discern these
already weakened and none functioning countries were the prime targets for “freeing the heck out of”. In return
for worthless, and miserable commodities such as oil, minerals, booty, as rewards for the liberators.

Despite the fact these equations smacking of unlogic, and wishful thinking, and having no roots in reality, the
all out propaganda thrust has been unabated. This has been tantamount to a declaration of Islam as an
undesirable and “evil” ideology, in a bid to reduce the propensity of the Muslims in joining hands together in
the face of the relentless onslaught of; hate, humiliation, and cultural, political, and physical coercion, dished
out by the anti-multicultural Western leadership.

Although these lines of thoughts of the Western leadership has been all but a pipe dream, because the
“ideology” (as Anthony Linton Charles Blair often portrays Islam as) was a conjecture contrived in the West,
and no one bothered to teach it to the Muslims. Muslims only have gone about their worship and if a few of
these have happened to debate the inequity and injustices they were drowning in, whilst attending the prayers in the mosques, because there are no other places than the Mosques for these to gather in, to have a chin wag, with relative freedoms.

Furthermore, for the West to rely on the “free” resources and oil taken through coercive measures, only has
served to exacerbate the endemic problems created through paucity of thought, bankruptcy of ideology,
corruption, greed, malfeasance of public funds, as well as private equity, introduction of regulation to stop
enterprise at the micro level, and start-up businesses, promotion of inequity and injustice, and the lawlessness
thereof, at the higher echelons of society, business and commerce. This simply put is akin to a crack addict
mugging little old ladies over and again, to feed his crack addiction. All the while thinking he will never face a
little old lady brave enough to fight back, and or the little old ladies will never unite, and fight back by ganging
up on him.

Well the little old ladies have ganged up, and despite the screeching Jets firing on revolutionaries in Libya, and or helicopter gunships firing on the revolutionaries in Bahrain, the crowds keep fighting back and are in no mood to give up. The birth pangs of a new Mid East as explicated by Spinster Condi Rice, are well and truly under way. The only trouble being, these pangs were not suppose to induce such pain in the
wallet/posterior/neck of the West.

There is a lot of talk in the area, and elsewhere; the unrest having been planned in the West. This is entirely
true, because the reign of inequity, injustice, discrimination, hunger, poor quality of life, were all dreamt up in
the West for these large chunks of planet's population. These factors are at the basis of the revolution all around in the Mid East. Alas this was an inevitable course of conduct, for the Muslims trapped. They would only put up with so much humiliation, injustice, hunger, joblessness, austerity, and poverty all around.

The events of the past few weeks, have clarified the hypocritical policies of US, which on one hand uses “democracy”, “freedom” as bludgeons to hit over the head of the sock-puppets to keep these in line and contract out the mass coercion of the Muslims to. However, additionally the same is used to bludgeon the cowed and humiliated Muslims further, by pointing out their miserable quality of life, to be their own fault for following Islam the “backward ideology”.

The win, win formulae of the West has only hit one snag; the slaves no longer buy into the dreams of “cultural”
superiority of the West. Furthermore the term “secular” is rapidly becoming an unbearable insult, resultant of
all the years of the humiliation endured by these Muslim nations in search of the “democracy” that was
supposed to be arrived at by ditching all their values and value systems. Therefore, regardless of the portrayal
of the Islamic roots of the revolutions as “protests”, as “bread riots”. Those taking the beatings, and shootings,
and watching their loved ones getting buried; know damn fine well, what they want; none of the Western
dreamt solutions.

Those Western leaders whom stood up and berated Multiculturalism, somehow failed to see; what is good for
the goose principles. The uncertain future has began, as vast swathes of the underclass stand up for their share of the bounties; the god given natural gifts, which so far have been transferred into the bank accounts of the filthy rich, super rich, and unbelievably rich. The simple fact is; these masses are not feeding their money and power addictions, they are fighting for survival and a livelihood, and a chance to live free from; malice, coercion, anxiety, hunger, humiliation. These latter are inalienable rights of every human being alive on this planet.

Therefore, to see the Western political leadership scurrying around, and trying to come up with new
arrangements for manning the deposed vassals posts. All in the hope of obtaining status quo ante; to go back
to business as usual is a pipe dream that will be resulting in many more deaths to come.

The fact that these failures of policies are so overtly apparent; Is seen in the plans for evacuation of Brits from
Libya. The civilian charter companies are being asked to send their assets; passenger liners, and crew thereof
into a war zone. The none compliance of the charter companies results in aircraft sitting on the apron of the
airports, whilst the ex-pat Brits are sweating it out in Libya, and the riots are breaking out in the airport, in a
scramble to get on board the last flights out of Dodge so to speak of. The Embedded Media pointing out the
sitting ducks on the aprons of airfields. However, singularly fail to question, where are the military aircraft to
simply fly out and engage in a routine cargo lift?

We all know the answer to this question; these military aircraft are in Afghanistan and Iraq theatres, engaged inpacifying Afghans/Iraqis whom are fighting to push back the invaders out of their country, and their homeland. However, as we all know stating this kind of proposition in the current fascist climate is a crime in itself, if not downright terrorism (any one daring to disagree causes instant terror in the hearts and minds of the liars whom have come to rely on everyone to be in locked step and to have fallen behind their great leadership, come what may). Simple fact that inconvenient questions open big cans of worms, are as welcome as a farts in the church service. Hence instead the Embedded Media come up with the stories of; “Poppy burning made Remembrance Day observer's 'stomach turn' ” as headlined by Guardian, and even more to the point (pointing out the target of the routine two minutes hate) was headlined by Metro (the free paper) as; “ War veteran's grandson: Islam poppy-burning demo 'sickened me'”, not forgetting the rest of the Embedded Media, whom also ran with the trial of this section five offence in a magistrate court, as it were a first degree murder case unfolding in the high courts.

Never mind the ugly fact that all Britons ought to come to grips with; you are on your own, and principles of
every man for himself, women and children last, fully apply. Instead of bothering to think about the
implications of the lack of public facilities, and reliance on contracted out services, best hate those Moslams
even more, because they burnt make-believe or replica poppies on armistice day and shouted out at the end of
the two minute silence.

The grandson of a Second World War soldier felt "sick inside" as Muslim extremists burned replica poppies on the
anniversary of Armistice Day in west London, a court has heard.

Tony Kibble said tears of anger and rage welled in his eyes as members of Muslims Against Crusades chanted "British soldiers burn in hell" while he attempted to mark a two minute silence.

 Mohammad Haque, 30, and Emdadur Choudhury, 26, are accused of jointly carrying out the burning of three oversized plastic poppies in a way that was likely to cause "harassment, harm or distress" to those who witnessed it.

Giving evidence on Wednesday, Mr Kibble said: "They (The MAC) carried on shouting throughout the two minute
silence. Half way through, I looked up to see what was going on around and I saw a ball of fire fall to the ground. Literally, my stomach turned over."

He continued: "I felt sick inside. It is something that means so much to me and to see what I believed to be a wreath of poppies fall to the ground - it is just despicable."

As it is seen, the emotions of a grandson of a veteran (umpteen times removed wannabe participant in a war
that everyone but their granny was involved in one way or another in Europe and across the planet, after all it
was a world war). Has been alarmed or harassed, and distressed at seeing what he “thought” (but belief is used
because it is more positively absolutely thought) to be a “wreath” (oh the humanity of it, just to think of all
those little pretty paper cuttings, in the shape of flowers getting burnt, where do these savage Moslams come
from, why these coloured bastards just don't get lost and get out of our white lands?) Is seeking justice. On theother hand is this not the kind of Orwellian; we have always been at war with Eurasia?

Nice to know that our stenographers in the Embedded Media having exhausted the carnage under way in the
Mid East, and the causes of such a blow out in the pressure cooker environment imposed on the Mid East are
reporting on the agonies of poor little grandson of a veteran whom we never find out where he fought at? For
all we know the chap could have been serving with the home guard (that could be another extremists talk),
seeking justice in the courts. The same courts, which are getting shut down to save money, because the
coalition government is trying to make good the monies that the last bunch of fraudsters in charge gave to the
banksters to make good their losses, notwithstanding picking up the tabs for the wars that the same bunch of
crooks started based on packs of lies, and cheap stunts.

Hence as it is seen; Multiculturalism has failed, as the replica poppy burning Moslams, appearing in public,
clad in their menacing beards, hats, and tunics; causing alarm with their blood curdling shouts, and speaking in
tongues. Therefore, either these mad Moslams are kept under a close leash by a strong arm dictator, or they
could be free to set up a Moslam government and in no time pass “Sharia Laws” in the united nations, and force
everyone to burn replica poppies on armistice day, while munching on roasted poppy seeds and or nan bread
covered with poppy seeds.

In conclusion, the fact that Western policies are seen to have passed their sell by date so to speak of. As well as the unfolding events in Mid East being reminiscent of the beginnings of the breakup of the Soviet Union, in
which events in Libya are closely resembling the Romanian revolution. We can assume the breakup of the US
empire is under way. This giving way to emergence of a new kind of world, in which reason and logic, will
start to play a greater part, as opposed to the emotions and beliefs which have been the predominant diet of the Western Political discourse. Furthermore, rise of the emergent super powers, post the demise of the US, will
closely resemble the demography of the people on the planet, which makes Muslim block a sizeable force that
deserves a better deal, than the one offered to it for the duration of last few centuries.

Therefore, the futile Anti Islam rhetoric engaged in by the leaders of some of the European Nations, only serve
to inflame the already difficult relationship among differing groups residing in these countries. This is
extremely counter productive to progress of these nations into a future, in an emergent world where;
meritocracy, logic, justice, social justice, and freedom of culture, religion, freedom of choice in modes of
governance are prevalent. A future where exceptional-ism no longer is a shield against unreason, and it is
frowned upon, instead of being celebrated, and promoted.

At the expense of sounding crass; the train is leaving the old Arrangements Station, and those seeking to remain on the platform will have a tough job to get on the next train, because the railway line is no longer operational after this last train has left for the destination Future.
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Today it was confirmed that the referral by the UN committee of Gadafi to the International Criminal court has resulted in the Court announcing it is to investigate Gadafi and his leadership for crimes against "humanity" when his crimes of being responsible for "thousands of deaths" according to the media that could never count the deaths of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan but have suddenly become experts on civilian deaths in Libya. If the allegations are true, they are a matter for the Libyan people alone and within their sovereign territory.

I wonder if people realise that the USA is not party to the ICC withdrew from it and has not signed it and therefore does not recognise it along with Russian, India and China. All who referred Gadafi to the court yet these hypocrites do not even recognise this court. I wonder if people know that the ICC has investigated six referrals. None of which include the crimes against the peace, the greatest war crime of all humanity committed by Bush and Blair in invading Iraq and Afghanistan and well as the Israeli leaders who also committed war crimes against Palestine.

More than a million people have died as a result of their wars millions displaced.  Hundreds have been tortured and are continuing to be tortured in Guantanamo bay and elsewhere. Bradley Manning who allegedly leakeddocuments on these crimes of his own army has been kept in solitary confinement for 2 years with out clothes and even his glasses and is now threatened with the death penalty. Meanwhile Cameron continues British military occupation in Afghanistan and peddles arms around the Middle East yet claims to be bringing "humanitarian aid" to Libya.

These are the real criminals against humanity.

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