Author Topic: There Must Be No US or British Intervention in the Middle East!  (Read 6014 times)


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There Must Be No US or British Intervention in the Middle East!

Far from helping the struggle for democracy, military intervention is no democracy at all!

Ask the people of Iraq and Afghanistan if the "free and fair" elections imposed on them by the bomb and the bullet and torture chamber have led to democracy there. When Israel invaded Gaza and poured white phosphorus onto the Palestinian people, the British government said there was no war crime and both sides should exercise restraint.

Similarly in the Egypt uprising, the call was made that both sides should exercise restraint against a torturing regime. With Gaddafi, any lie and infamy can be heaped on his head with impunity regardless of whether there is any truth in them or not. Britain has all the time been egging on the armed struggle of the "rebels", which in other circumstances they usually call "terrorists" or at the most "insurgents" in order to justify wiping them out when resistance to the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq has taken place.

The Stop the War Coalition has a duty to take its stand against those warmongers Cameron, Hague and the British government who have been in the forefront of calling for intervention in Libya. These characters have been trying to hoodwink the people into thinking that they are so humanitarian when in fact British imperialism has never given up its venal interests in robbing the people of Libya and the people of North Africa of their oil and other precious resources.

In the work of the anti-war movement, the sentiment of the people against intervention has shone through. Even amongst those who have relatives who have been forced to fight in Afghanistan, the ability to see through the Cameron pretexts of humanitarianism has been evident.

Step up the Work of the Stop the War Coalition against Our Own Warmongers!