Author Topic: Big Party Cartel Watch (With BBC, Sky, etc collusion)  (Read 16809 times)

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Big Party Cartel Watch (With BBC, Sky, etc collusion)
« on: April 08, 2010, 05:20:23 PM »
Thursday 08 April 2010
On this day the mainstream parties managed to spend all day talking  one way or another about 'cuts', without any of them mentioning even the possibility of cutting the Trident mass murder system - which would save billions of pounds of wasted money at a stroke.
And this was on a day when USA and Russia signed what was reported as a significant 'nuclear reduction' pact (which one might have thought might have inspired some 'respectable' mainstream journalist to at least ask the British main party leaders about at least the possibility of cutting Trident).


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Re: Big Party Cartel Watch (With BBC, Sky, etc collusion)
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2010, 10:21:35 PM »
I sent out the press release last night on the main email list. It was very refreshing to get and email from somebody. This is what he said:

"Good luck with your campaign. With all the talk of the economy there is a
need for someone to be raising the issues you're raising."

These issues are being raised with a very loud voice. The problem is that voice is not being heard because all the media is reporting is a very small circle of big party leaders and what they have to say. One person had a placard behind a parliament news reporter on the economy tonight saying 7 million, killed, injured, or homeless in Iraq.  People are wonderful they are finding ways to get our message accross. Time is not on their side it is on ours. Even thought they are trying to focus people on cuts to the economy. The Chief Ececutive of Marks and Spencers was forced to admit that the fact that top executive earnings was 128 times the lower paid compared with half that when New labour came to power meant he hadn't done so bad!   He pathetically repeated the usual lie about rewarding "wealth creators" but what revealed itself is that the government is paying the rich and not meeting the needs of the people other than with demands to cuts.  The truth will out if they contiune this debate any longer and the rich and powerful further reveal their interests so people are starting to realise that not only should we should stop their wars but we should stop paying the rich as well.