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BULLETIN. 14 January 2013
« on: January 14, 2013, 09:58:14 PM »
BULLETIN. 14 January 2013 | | 020 7561 9311 |

1) Intervention and growing instability in Mali
2) Confronting War Ten Years On - an international conference

1) Intervention in Mali
Once again western powers are using anti-Islamist rhetoric to justify colonial
interventions. Two days of French air strikes have already killed many
civilians and is only likely to inflame instability across the region already in
chaos after the West's attack on Libya. 

France's intervention in Mali is part of a growing scramble for Africa. France
occupied Mali until 1960.  It was at the centre of its historic colonial empire
and now at the heart of its effort to control a mineral rich area including
Senegal, Burkino Faso, the Ivory Coast - all former colonies in which the
French once again have troops.

That Britain was the first to support the French adventure with two RAF
planes only shows how keen the government is to participate in a new rush
for influence on the African continent. The danger is too, as fighting
intensifies, that Britain will get further drawn in to an intervention that has
already been backed by the US government. Stop the War condemns this
intervention that will only intensify the crisis in the region.

More information

Stop the War's statement on the intervention in Mali can be read here:

Glenn Greenwald: The bombing of Mali highlights all the lessons of western

2) Confronting War Ten Years On - an international conference

It is because of the ongoing and new forms of Western intervention abroad -
as we are seeing in Mali - that the anti-war movement must refocus its
efforts. Our international conference next month will be a platform to launch
new initiatives and hear from a range of speakers from Afghanistan, Iraq,
America, Canada and elsewhere.

International Conference: Confronting War Ten Years On
•Saturday 9th February 2013 - Friends House, Euston, London. Map
•Full details about the conference can be found at
•Share the event with your friends on Facebook
Speakers include
•Tariq Ali, Tony Benn, Phyllis Bennis, Victoria Brittain, Chris Cole, 
Jeremy Corbyn,Brian Eno, Lindsey German, Manuel Hassassian, Kate
Hudson, Owen Jones,Jemima Khan, Seumas Milne, Robert
Montgommery, Andrew Murray, Derrick O'Keefe, Mitra Qayoom, Sami
Ramadani, Jolyon Rubinstein, Salma Yaqoob, Rafeef Ziadah.

Sessions include

•Iraq, Afghanistan & the war on terror
•Palestine and the crisis in the Middle East
•Drones and remote control imperialism
•Art and war
•Islamophobia and racism
•Confronting war today

Book now to avoid disappointment

Tickets cost £15 or £8 for concessions.

Telephone 020 7561 9311 to pay by card or pay online at the conference web
site Cheques made payable to Stop the War
Coalition should be posted to Stop the War Coalition 1b Waterlow Road,
London N19 5NJ