Author Topic: Syria condemns US-led coalition's strikes targeting civilians and infrastructure  (Read 15422 times)


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Syria condemns US-led coalition's strikes targeting civilians and infrastructure 
Syrian Arab News Agency 
June 4, 2017

 Foreign and Expatriates Ministry condemned on Sunday the repeated air strikes of the illegal US-led coalition in Syria that cause human and material losses.

In two letters addressed to the Secretary General of the UN and the Head of the Security Council, the Ministry said the US-led coalition committed a new heinous crime in Raqqa city on Friday which claimed the lives of over 43 civilians, asserting that the crimes committed by the alliance are in no way less than that caused by the crimes committed by the ISIS terrorist organization against Syrian civilians, adding that the coalition's strikes target the Syrian infrastructure, including bridges, oil and gas wells, dams, electricity and water plants, and public and private buildings.

The letters said that these strikes reveal the real aims of this coalition that are totally in contradiction with its claims of fighting ISIS and other terror groups, asserting that those who want to fight ISIS wouldn't target civilians and infrastructure or the Syrian Arab Army like what happened when the coalition attacked the Syrian Arab Army in al-Tharda mountain in Deir Ezzor and in al-Tanf area near the Syrian-Iraqi borders.

The Foreign Ministry reiterated its condemnation of this illegal coalition's murder of civilians and destroying of infrastructure, demanding its member states to stop violating international law and to cease breaching Syria's sovereignty and independence.

The letters demanded a condemnation by the Security Council of the breaches committed by the illegal coalition that targets the Syrian civilians' lives in violation of the international humanitarian law, human rights laws, and the goals and principles of the UN Charter, urging UN member states to stop listening to the coalition's representatives who are proficient at twisting facts in Security Council sessions to cover up their heinous crimes.