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Title: CND online anti-Trident lobby
Post by: Phil Talbot on February 28, 2010, 02:20:02 PM
CND has set up an on-line anti-Trident lobbying system for the election - details below. Do we went to get our preferred anti-war candidates listed on it? (It might be a way of directing potential supporters our ways) (

The following candidates plan to stand in South Shields:

No response has yet been received from Karen Allen of the Conservative Party

No response has yet been received from David Miliband of the Labour Party

Send us missing info

Even if they have already responded to the survey please now lobby your candidates. Messages will be sent to those that are ticked:

 Karen Allen of the Conservative Party 
 David Miliband of the Labour Party 

Your name: 
Address 2: 
Your email: 

With many parties going into the election talking about public spending cuts, we believe there is one very positive cutback any new government could make - scrapping the 76bn replacement of Trident.

Feel free to modify the letter to give it any local context you feel appropriate, but please leave the questions as presented - this will allow us to better collate all responses received.

I am writing to you, in your capacity as a prospective parliamentary candidate, to ascertain your views on nuclear weapons.

I am particularly concerned about the cost of Trident and its replacement at a time of national and global financial crisis. Many cutbacks are being proposed across the public sector, yet the replacement of Trident is expected to cost in excess of 76bn. In a situation where Britain's security needs are very different from those of past decades, with no state threatening the UK, the onus is on those who prioritise money for nuclear weapons above other commitments to make the case for such huge levels of spending. Spending money on nuclear weapons means we cannot use it for other more socially useful spending, or on helping to solve the problems of poverty and climate change.

I am also concerned about Britain's security. I believe that retaining nuclear weapons will make us less safe. Many of the threats we face as a country, from terrorism to climate change cannot be tackled by nuclear weapons, but their retention has the potential to make us less safe. The more that countries such as Britain justify their possession of nuclear weapons on the grounds of an uncertain future, the more likely it is that non-nuclear states will seek to use the same rationale to justify developing their own weapons systems. For this reason, there is increasing international demand for the global abolition of nuclear weapons as the best way to secure our safety. In fact, a majority of UN member states, including China, India and Pakistan, already back a Nuclear Weapons Convention, which would ban these weapons in the way that chemical and biological weapons are outlawed.

I have included two specific questions below to which I would appreciate yes/no answers. Your answers are likely to affect how I vote in the forthcoming election.

My questions are:

If elected, would you vote for or against the replacement of Trident?

If elected, would you back UK support for a Nuclear Weapons Convention, banning all nuclear weapons internationally?

I look forward to your response.

By submitting this form, I agree to allow you to forward the above message to my candidates after reviewing the content for abuse. I understand my data may be retained for monitoring purposes.
 I agree to you contacting me in the future using the information I have submitted. Privacy Policy

Title: Re: CND online anti-Trident lobby
Post by: Phil Talbot on March 26, 2010, 12:11:42 PM
Title: Re: CND online anti-Trident lobby
Post by: nestopwar on March 26, 2010, 07:39:58 PM
Yes of course we should list myself and shirley. We can let her know tomorrow. One thing is how do you get listed??
Title: Re: CND online anti-Trident lobby
Post by: Phil Talbot on April 01, 2010, 05:14:09 PM
Roger wrote: 'One thing is how do you get listed??'

Link to the listing form was in my previous posting