Author Topic: Newcastle Students Occupy in Solidarity with Gaza  (Read 3669 times)


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Newcastle Students Occupy in Solidarity with Gaza
« on: March 10, 2009, 06:37:38 PM »
 Newcastle Students Occupy in Solidarity with Gaza   

WHAT: Occupation by students calling on Newcastle University to take action in solidarity with Gaza WHERE: Fine Art Lecture Theatre, Kings Walk, Newcastle University WHEN: From 10th March, until our demands are met

CONTACT: Markus Ė 07754084205 Jamie - 07791084931

Today Newcastle University became the twenty ninth university in Britain to be occupied since the start of the year by students protesting against Israel ís actions in Gaza. The list of demands being drawn up by the occupation is expected to demand measures taken by the university such as scholarships for Palestinian students, donations of educational equipment and materials, a boycott of Israeli goods and divestment from Israeli companies and arms companies selling to Israel.   

One of the students involved in the occupation, Markus Murray ,who is studying Politics at Newcastle, said:   ďAs fee-paying students we feel very strongly that our university should take a strong stand against Israelís oppression of the Palestinian people. Israelís siege of Gaza over the past eighteen months and itís brutal attacks on the civilian population during the first three weeks of this year make the injustice of Israelís actions clearer than ever. We are calling on Newcastle University to follow the example of other universities across Britain in taking a stand in solidarity with the right of Palestinians to national self-determination and a life free from war, racism and occupation.Ē   

Students in the occupation say they are planning a busy schedule of film-showings, talks, music and other activities. During the day and evening supporters from outside the university are encouraged to visit the occupation and take part in the activities. Donations of food, blankets, banner making materials and toiletries are very welcome.   

The occupation will be posting regular updates to their online blog at:   Press are welcome to attend. For further details and interviews contact: Either of the above people.