Author Topic: US Congress votes in favour of nuclear arms reduction with Russia  (Read 1720 times)


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The big news tonight is that the US Congress has ratified the start agreement with Russia.  Listening to the various commentators especially on the Russian news was interesting.  It seems that the significance of this treaty on nuclear arms limitation has nothing to do with nuclear weapons reduction but is more about wooing Russia away from China. So far from reducing the threat of nuclear war it is trying to facilitate it.   Maybe there was some significance in Japans statement that it no longer considered Russia a threat after Hilary Clinton went there and is deploying its weapons against China.  Certainly the US is more bold in abandoning the 6 party talks and nailing its colours to Japan and South Korea. It probably manipulated the South Korean warmongers with this in mind.  Of course all this will fail but whether the people of the world will be able to stop even bigger conflicts among the big powers is yet to be seen.  Fidel Castro has clearly warned his people and the world of the threat of nuclear war and worse.