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Update on Libya war - September 22nd, 2011
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Update on Libya war - September 22nd, 2011
Posted: 2011/09/23
From: Mathaba      
 Media hides: Rebels fell into trap at Sabha and were routed

By Dennis South

Compilation from various independent sources

Tunisia army went into action with unknown groups on the border with Libya

Thursday, 22.09.2011

According to a source at the army command of Tunisia, fighting took place for several hours the the desert, south of the border, RIA "Novosti" reported.

According to incoming reports, militants with heavy machine guns crossed the border. No casualties have been reported in this fight between the Tunisian military and the militants, who have not been identified.

In the past few months in this region of Tunisia, the Libyan militant NATO-rebels have repeatedly violated Tunisia's border, and this has led to armed clashes between the Tunisian military and the rebels.

The rebels often use the border regions of Tunisia for "tactical maneuvers" in the confrontation with the popular forces of leader Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya defense forces.  Violations of the Tunisian border by the rebels was a regular occurrence during the operation to seize the capital of Libya, Tripoli, with the ground invasion launched on August 21st, which resulted in mass killings and mass graves with estimates of upwards of 50,000 civilians killed in the first week of the invasion alone.

Sirte is too strong for the rebels

Thursday, 22.09.2011

Gaddafi wanted Sirte to become the capital of a united Africa and it is the site of the headquarters of the African Investment Bank, which together with the African Monetary Fund (HQ in Yaounde, Cameroon) and African Central Bank (HQ in Abuja, Nigeria) which were to launch this September with a $42 billion fund to set Africa free from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank.   The USA stole the $32 billion contributed for this African project that would have prevented private banker control over Africa, thus preventing the project from proceeding.

The citizens of Sirte fiercely resisted the rebel attackers, who were forced to retreat in panic. Bani Walid still remains under the control of the Libyan Jamahiriya. This although the city has been under constant bombing for a month and constant missile attacks, as well as having its water supply cut off, food sources bombed by NATO, and being ringed by rebels who prevent anyone going into or out of the city thus enforcing a siege. NATO is thus deliberately starving an entire city into submission, and absolutely not protecting civilians, and committing war crimes while the world remains silent in the absence of pictures.

Nevertheless, rebel militants have been unable to take Sirte and Bani Walid, the other city which has faced the same fate for the past month, and both of which are fiercely protected by the forces of the Libyan Jamahiriya and its popular symbolic leader Muammar Qaddafi who handed all power, wealth and arms to the people in 1977 and resigned his government position in 1979. The rebels retreated in panic, says Al Jazeera, a channel financed by the CIA and which launched the war on Libya via fake "news" reports.

The rebels met particularly fierce resistance about 50 km east of Sirte (population - 100 thousand people, located 360 km east of Tripoli), in the Khamsin.  They claim they did not have enough firepower to respond to the forces of the Libyan resistance.

The rebels prepared for an attack on Bani Walid, and on September 9 the NATO-rebel TNC leadership declared that the rebels had entered Bani Walid. As it turned out later, their attack was repulsed and the town was again shelled by the Air Forces of NATO and 17 foreign mercenaries of NATO, mostly French, with 2 Brits and 1 Asian (possibly a Gurka or from Brunei) were captured and are still held prisoners by the Libyan Defense Force.

The rebels claimed to have taken the city of Sabha on the evening of September 21st, in yet another staged media lie.  The NATO-rebels were routed.  Sabha remains under full control of the Libyan Jamahiriya as does over 85% of the country.  Sebha is the largest town in the Libyan desert, with a population of 100 thousand people.  Military bases placed at Sabha make it a strategically important city.

Meanwhile, NATO has decided to extend its war against Libya for another three more months to provide cover for the rebels from the air.  Many military bases in the region of Sirte and Bani Walid were destroyed by NATO airstrikes. According to Syrian TV which has reliable sources in Libya, NATO bombed a hospital in Sirte yet again.

General News

Thursday, 22.09.2011

Interrogations of 17 foreign mercenaries captured in Bani Walid have begun. The Libyan authorities have stated that upon their completion of the interrogations, the prisoners will be presented to the media. This would be a blow to the authorities of all the Western nations.  The impact would be strong if the prisoners would be shown on television. Whether or not western TV stations show this, and to what extent, remains to be seen.

NATO no longer knows how to organize support for the rebels on all fronts. Meanwhile there is mobilized and organized resistance from the Libyan supporters of the Jamahiriya as well as growing world wide support. The rebels continue to disintegrate with insurmountable rifts between the TNC political and military commanders, and the commanders in the field, as well as between the TNC politicians themselves who have shelved indefinitely the announcement of their "committee" as well as between the rebels on the ground who are divided along tribal, ideological, and motivational lines.

Bani Walid. There were at least 57 rebels reported killed, and in the order of hundreds known to be captured.  There were 25 pickup trucks captured.

Tarragon. Arriving here, the rebels believed they would be safe, but here they were simply destroyed.  Corpses of rebels are littered throughout the city which put up a stiff armed resistance against the invaders.

Murzuk: Murzuk is a small town in the region Fezzan, near Sheba. It was announced by some media reports that Saadi Gaddafi has arrived there accompanied by thousands of Tuareg soldiers. Authorities from neighboring Niger have argued that it was under Gaddafi's control.

Misrata: Fierce fighting took place yesterday between the rebel factions for control of the city which covers a vast area and throughout the 7 months of war by US-NATO against Libya, has never been under complete control of the NATO-rebels.

News from the front

Thursday, 22.09.2011

Sabha (major city in an oasis in the south): The traitors (NATO-mercenary-rebels), who entered the city without a fight, were lured into an ambush that will go down in history as a legendary achievement.  The cries of "Allahu Akbar" (God is Great) served as strong inspiration for the defenders of the Jamahiriya.

The rebels who entered the city, were quickly rounded up and the others fled. There were 45 rebels killed, and hundreds taken as prisoners. Their flight took place amidst big confusion.  The world media fail to report on this.

Tripoli: There is very bad news for the rebels in Tripoli.  There are intense clashes happening in Tripoli every single day. Rebels are either killed or being kidnapped every day by the armed citizens who are furious at the mass murder, pillage and destruction caused by the lawless rebels (also known as rats) and their helping themselves at force to any house and its contents.  The situation for the rebels is becoming more difficult, as the citizens of Tripoli who have put up with an unbearable life since the invasion, are resisting.

Al-Zhufrah: In al-Zhufrah, after NATO bombing ended, Libyan militias, along with the Libyan Defense Forces, attacked the camp of the rebels.  Dozens of rebels were killed and many were wounded.

Observers note:

The extension of NATO operations in Libya, by three months, demonstrates the utter failure of NATO countries to break a tiny nation of 6 million people.  NATO, supposedly the most powerful military alliance in human history, is an alliance of cowards, gangsters, psychopaths, racists, genocidal maniacs, drug addicts (literally), liars, thieves, and mental deficients, especially  Rasmussen and Obama.

Libya: a pause between battles

Thursday, 22.09.2011

Some reports say the rebels have halted fighting against the masses of the Libyan Jamahiriya, supposedly due to lack of ammunition, said the commander of ground operations. It could be a ploy to get themselves more ammunition or to misinform the Libyan Defense Forces.

Green Committees intercepted a phone conversation between two rebels, in which one was complaining of not having received arms and ammunition from Qatar, as had been promised.  In addition, the rebel command structure virtually doesn't exist, so maybe none of them even knew whose responsibility it was for re-supplying (logistics).  Also, the rebels are actually fighting each other, and may be hesitant to supply ammunition to a rival rebel faction that might turn their weapons against them.

Commander Mustafa Ben Dardef, from the team that walked 5 kilometers from the occupied areas of Sultan, located east of Sirte (370 km from Tripoli), said that his men would cease to conduct combat operations for one week.  "We will stop fighting for a week.  We are faced with the fact that we do not have enough ammunition," he said.  "The main goal for now is to maintain progress and to establish a strong line of defense in Sultana, 30 kilometers east of Sirte," he said.

The rebel commander was also asked whether the fighting will cease in other parts of the front and in other areas, to which he replied that he had asked other sections of the front to cease fighting so that their actions could be coordinated, but he has yet to hear from them.

This after the rebels had given repeated "final deadlines" for the city of Sirte to surrender of face massacres. China, Russia and other world powers have bought the media lies, and are also not cooperating with the Libyan Jamahiriya, which is winning this war. On return to peace, the Libyan Jamahiriya will deal instead of with governments and corporations, with citizens and small companies run by citizens, thus encouraging and offering solidarity with the masses around the world who are taking power into their hands.

Lessons of Sirte and Beni Walid: London and Paris are preparing for the occupation of Libya?

Thursday, 22.09.2011

TNC (NATO-rebel political council) leader Jibril, in answering the question, posed by a reporter of a TV news station, as to whether or not he believed that the attempted [but failed] storming of the cities of Sirte and Bani Walid would create an irreconcilable conflict between the TNC and the Warfalla Tribe, shamelessly, publically, and with apparent mental ease, said the following:  "Yes, this is serious. The Warfalla Tribe will retaliate.  But the French and the British are much stronger than the Warfalla Tribe, and we ask them to stay on for as long as it will be necessary."

This was said openly, unambiguously, with no need for interpretation, and no alternative interpretation available.  So, the future of Libya's rebel leader is seen in the form of confrontation with his own citizens, and his hope that his French and British masters will destroy his own people.

It is worth noting that, despite the June 1, 2001 NATO [false] claim that it had destroyed 80% of the Libyan Defense Forces, and that the LDF was "completely demoralized," and "shackled by the blows of NATO," and that the Libyan Jamahiriya (people's democracy) had run out of money to finance the LDF, the LDF is not only continuing to fight fiercely, but has, within the last two weeks, had 16 major military successes against NATO and the rebels.  Just to be clear, that means 16 major military defeats of NATO and rebels.

Obviously, the Libyan Jamahiriya and the Libyan Armed Forces are no where near defeat, and, in fact, still control between 85 to 90% of Libya, although some reports put that figure at between 75 to 85% of Libya.

No one is hiding the fact that the war in Libya is being fought between the Libyan Armed Forces and NATO.  The role of the rebels is to pose for the cameras, chant slogans, and recite monologues about "freedom."

Immediately after his visit to Tripoli by President Sarkozy and Prime Minister Cameron, the rebels became greatly inspired [What a pitiful display, happy that their European masters had visited them!!] So, in celebration of the visit of their masters, they set out in 900 pickup trucks and 100 tanks, and rushed to assault the cities of Bani-Walid and Sirte, which had previously been bombed for several weeks by NATO aircraft, only to be once again crushed by the Libyan Defense Forces, the Jamahiri green volunteers, and the armed citizens of those cities.

A NATO-rebel soldier said, "I've never seen anything like it.  We had recently arrived, and nobody asked us any questions. We just moved into Bani-Walid, because we were told that the city already has representatives of the TNC, to which we must join.

"But there was absolutely no one. And then we had to retreat under the heavy fire forces of the Gaddafi's LDF." Despite the support of the Special Forces of Qatar and France, the rebels fled to about 50-60 kilometers outside of the cities of Sirte and Bani-Walid.

According to CNN, which is another compromised media network, TNC emissaries arrived at the location of the retreating troops, trying to convince them not to disperse to their homes.  But even some of the commanders said that they did not want to die, and that they needed their masters, the French, to come and fight for them.  The French journalist, Alain Jules, said, "Some of the Libyan rebels no longer want to go to the front, because the loss in battle near the town of Beni Walid caused a lot of fear inside of them.

It is said that one of the reasons that the rebel assaults on Bani Walid and Sirte failed is because of bad interaction between rebel forces, some of whom rushed to the assault based on their own decision to do so, not through any consultation with commanders.  Commanders of the rebels in all key areas have accused each other of being unwilling to act in a coordinated manner.  Another reason for the failure is because of mutual hatred of each other, within the military units, based on tribe and ethnicity.

Moreover, the Al-Qaida Islamists are gradually beginning to demonstrate their intention of taking full control of the TNC.  For example, Abdelhakim Belhadj, the creator and the emir of the Islamic terrorist organization, "The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group," now holds the post of head of the Military Council of Tripoli, and does not hide his discontent with the leadership of the TNC. Belhadj spent years in prison in Libya after being captured in Thailand and handed over to the Jamahiriya by the British and American intelligence. He is still listed as a known terrorist with which no U.S. or others are allowed to assist, yet is fully assisted by the US-NATO alliance.

The first attempt to create a TNC government has failed.  Members of the board rejected more than 50% of the nominees proposed by Jibril.  The Islamists, as stated before, are gradually gaining strength and influence, and plan to attempt to build a "new Libya" guided solely by their own alleged ideas about people's needs, namely a dictatorship of "religious leaders" as they do not believe that the direct participatory democracy of the Jamahiriya system is "islamic" even though there is an entire chapter "Shura" of the Holy Qur'an of which Part One of the Green Book could be considered a practical explanation of the verse "their affairs must be among them under consultation".  But their first consideration is their [vain] hope that they will institute their own reactionary and false version of Shariah law in Libya. The Holy Qur'an has already been the Law of Society in Libya since 1977, but has been understood to mean "all power, all wealth and all arms in the hands of the people", and the Green Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms has placed religion and law into their proper context, not to be monopolized by sectarian groups such as the uneducated islamists.

As can be seen, the TNC and the rebels are in total disarray and today, it is clear that without the support of the West and the slave Arab countries such as Qatar, the current balance would be totally upset, and the rebels would be crushed in a day.   It is worthy to note that Libyan army commanders have been much more resistant than their Iraqi counterparts were during the Gulf War, and have remained in their positions, defending Libya, without taking a fee.

Since NATO and the rebels have utterly failed, it is certain that the northern countries are now contemplating the full occupation of Libya by northern troops, or proxy via Turkish troops, as well as the use of nuclear weapons to wipe out entire areas of resistance.

 Assistant Editing by Dennis South
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