Author Topic: Denounce the Lawless U.S. Military Attack on Syria!  (Read 1830 times)


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Denounce the Lawless U.S. Military Attack on Syria!
« on: October 30, 2008, 07:47:23 AM »
Denounce the Lawless U.S. Military Attack on Syria!

The U.S. military launched a raid inside the sovereign state of Syria October 26, killing a farmer and his four sons, a man and his wife and one other adult male. Several others in the area were injured by U.S. gunfire. The adult male victims from the rural Abu Kamal district of Syria were apparently engaged in constructing a building when attacked by four U.S. military helicopters and soldiers. The U.S. attackers flew from a U.S. military base inside occupied Iraq to carry out their murderous mission within Syria.

The U.S. imperialists have also established numerous military bases inside occupied Afghanistan from which they launch regularly raids inside neighbouring Pakistan. This aggressive pattern has now been escalated into an open attack on Syria from occupied Iraq.

The U.S. is the greatest international criminal and source of anarchy, chaos and instability in the world using over a hundred military bases in foreign countries from which it launches covert military and other operations within sovereign countries and now increasingly overt military aggression. The U.S. military attacks and covert interference in the affairs of sovereign countries form part of the current chaotic economic, political and military climate in which the peoples of the world are suffering. No economic or political problem can be resolved with certainty as long as the U.S. military can roam the world with lawless impunity threatening and attacking sovereign states and disrupting their civil, economic and political affairs.

Countries large and small are unable to establish any semblance of stability in their internal political affairs as the U.S. military constantly bribes and coerces treacherous elements to engage in actions to disrupt political life and even engage in acts leading to reactionary civil war.

Countries throughout the world are greatly worried by the U.S. military and its total disregard of international law and established civilized norms. Many countries feel compelled by U.S. military threats and constant aggression to divert precious resources into military spending to defend their sovereignty and right to be. Lawless U.S. military activity has become a major objective consideration for the worldwide arms trade, which has greatly weakened economies everywhere and is a factor in the current economic crisis.

The Canadian government has encouraged the U.S. military in its flouting of international law and norms of civilized behaviour by ordering Canada's armed forces to act as U.S. mercenaries in Afghanistan and on the high seas.

Canada needs an anti-war government that has the courage to stand up to the lawlessness of the U.S. military dictators. Canadians should denounce the U.S. military for attacking Syria from one of its bases in occupied Iraq. The greatest contribution Canadians can make to stop the U.S. military's murderous campaigns is to participate in organizing here in Canada for democratic renewal and an anti-war government.

Denounce the lawless U.S. military attack on Syria! Join and build Committees for Democratic Renewal! Together let us form an anti-war government as our contribution to stopping the U.S. military march to world war!