Author Topic: DPRK delegation, speech at the 70th session of the UN General Assembly Oct 1  (Read 2157 times)


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Pyongyang, October 3 (KCNA) -- DPRK Foreign Minister Ri Su Yong, head of a DPRK delegation, made a speech at the 70th session of the UN General Assembly on October 1.
     He went on:
     It is important to draw experiences from the successes and learn lessons from the failures made in the activities of the UN.
     The world has never been peaceful over the past 70 years. Neither has the humankind ever lived in comfort.
     Even in the 21st century, the UN Security Council continues to commit arbitrary acts against the DPRK in flagrant violation of justice and international law.
     In today's world, there exists international law that defines the use of outer space as a sovereign right of every individual country and there are more than 10 countries that launch satellites. However, the UN Security Council passed a "resolution" on prohibiting the DPRK only from launching the satellites.
     Nine countries in the world have already developed nuclear weapons and conducted over 2 000 nuclear tests in total. But again, the Security Council adopted "resolutions" on prohibiting nuclear test of the DPRK.
     Our development of outer space for peaceful purposes is a legitimate right of a sovereign state and our nuclear test is a self-defensive measure to cope with the hostile policy and nuclear threat of the United States.
     It is the steadfast resolve and position of the Government of the DPRK to safeguard its dignity by responding strongly to the end with all available self-defensive measures against the unjust acts of taking issue with the peaceful satellite launch.
     Late last August, the situation on the Korean Peninsula had once again headed to the brink of war.
     After going through the August incident that made Northeast Asia and the entire world hold their breath in anxiety, it has become a crucial issue today to replace the armistice agreement with a peace treaty with no further delay.
     The Government of the DPRK is willing to hold constructive dialogue to prevent war and conflicts on the Korean Peninsula, once the United States agrees to replace the armistice agreement with a peace treaty.
     If the United States makes a policy change with courage, dramatic improvement will be effected in the security environment on the Korean Peninsula and eventually lead to addressing security concerns of the United States.
     This is the best option we can afford and the best solution we can offer at this forum of the UN as it looks back on the past 70 years and looks forward to the road ahead.
     The DPRK is strongly convinced that the urgent replacement of the armistice agreement with a peace treaty is the way to ensure peace and security on the Korean Peninsula and redress the abnormal relations between the DPRK and the UN. -0-