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Last night was the Hustings in South Shields organised by Faiths and Churches together in South Tyneside.  It was chaired  by Reverend Rowena Frances. There were two candidates missing one they genuinely could not get hold of .  The other BNP was not within the churches recommendation they seem more progressive than the electoral law as the urge people to vote only for candidates that include the whole community and of course the BNP  are openly excluding and targeting Muslims and demanding they "return to their own countries". Of course the big parties and the monopoly media are the real concern for us because responsible to this immigration racism and targeting Muslims and immigration, criminalising them but of course they don't openly say it in their manifestos.   About 60 people attended.  Our contributions were cut down to two minutes and then half way through one minute and it made it very difficult to  make our points and explain what this alternative to war was all about.  Someone in the audience said David Miliband seemed surprised that there was an uncompromising alliance against the war from Shirley and I and clearly when there is a conspiracy of silence in the election on Afghanistan it made him uncomfortable.   The Liberal candidate wanted to know why I spoke about this twice and hadn't realised that and alliance was developing against the bloc between the three big parties on this. You have got you pro-war bloc so we have our anti-war bloc is I think what I said to him and he laughed and  said fair enough.

Phil Talbot:
Re:-I South Shields General Election Public Meeting
St Hilda's Church, South Shields Market Place,
Saturday 24 April 2010
7.30pm(ish) ff ...

ReEdits ABC
Rowena Francis/Frances chaired the event ...
Seven Candidates Attended ...
(British National Party were 'excluded' by 'Churches Together' organizers - though there was some doubt by some present as to who/what the organizing group was/is - and another candidate was not present without explanation on the night from/by the organisers ...)

Following sequences have sound-track including introduction by Ms Francis/Frances, who explains the 'rules', and then the candidates introducing themselves in their own words ...
Sound originally recorded on 'analog' casette tape, then 'digitally remixed' - viewers/listeners might have to adjust your volume controls ...

Phil Talbot:
Rules And IDs

Name Checks

Introductions 1

Introductions 2

Foreign Policy

Public Services And Job Cuts

Local Economics

Summings Ups

Phil Talbot:
Candidate Lists

Phil Talbot:
Those Westminster 3-party-in-1 'coalition-building' talks in full ...


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