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Phil Talbot:
YouTube Version of 'VOTE Roger Nettleship - Fight For An Anti-War Government':

Phil Talbot:
Real Cosmopolitan EleXion Backgrounds

Phil Talbot:
&/or Reality[Chi-SquaredTestStat.]CheX

Election DigiDoodles _ RedGreenCosmopolitanMayDays _  reality checks


Phil Talbot:
STSTWC Election Benefit Event
Wednesday 28 April 2010
The Office
South Shields

(+ Support)

Selected Clips:

Full Length Feature DVD of this event is available from STSTWC ...
(... and all good-faith truly 'anti-war'/'progressive' stock(-footage)ists! ...)

Phil Talbot:
Footage Of The Count at Temple Park Leisure Centre 06/07 May 2010 ...
(National BBC covered it ... but  Ms Kendal(l)( aka 'Fatty Mint Cake') BBC 'Diplomatic Editor' seemed out of her London media bubble 'comfort zone' ... little interested in the human realities around her ... and only seemed to want to talk with/to her Oxbridge-establishment-pal Mr Miliband ...)



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