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Demonstrate the cost of war at Labour Conference in Manchester - 20 September


Demonstrate the cost of war at Labour Conference in Manchester - 20 September 2008     
Written by Stewart office     
Monday, 30 June 2008 
The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost the lives of more than 200 British soldiers and countless thousands of Iraqi and Afghan civilians. They have also cost billions of pounds - money which could have been spent on houses, healthcare and education in this country. The war has seen the price of oil escalate, with a knock on effect on the price of food and other essentials.

It has been estimated that this war has cost 10 billion so far, without counting the cost of looking after injured soldiers for the rest of their lives. It is time we demanded that Labour spend the money on better services for all, not wars in the Middle East.


South Tynesde Coalition held a forum on the costs of these wars in February 15th 2006.  In the preface to the pamphlet based on the forum we pointed out that "the costs of this and other wars were incalculable and have profound and the most serious consequences for the world and to what makes us human. The forum exposed not only the huge cost in human life, the most terrrible injuries which have occurred but the consequences that are throwing the world back into a medieval anarchy."

"This was a world in which a minority of big power governments and the transnational corporation they represent were destroying human rights, destroying conflict resolving international
institutions and tearing up International Law and replacing it with the law of force, imprisonment without trial and the torture chamber of medieval times. This was a world where the big powers
manipulate the UN and other bodies fabricating any excuse to exert control and make war against which ever country they wish to annex.  In this way the US is threatening Iran, Syria, DPRK, Venezuela and many other countries, whilst Britain also had its eyes fixed on

"The forum put these powers in the dock for flouting international law and all its terrible consequences, a cost of war that will lead to world war. The forum took up many of the aspects of the costs of war and enabled people to join in discussion on the topics and we publish
those contributions that have been made available to us. The call of the times is to facilitate our discussions to think and act like human beings and to take the high road of civilisation, to uphold
the interests of all people for new societies in which they decide and a new world where wars are a relic of the past."

Another World Is Possible! We Will Create It!"


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