Author Topic: US-NATO Destabilization Extends from Syria into Lebanon  (Read 2298 times)


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US-NATO Destabilization Extends from Syria into Lebanon
Interfax and Stop NATO
 Forces unable to destabilize Syria turn to Lebanon - ministry

MOSCOW: Forces which have failed to implement their plans to destabilize Syria have turned to Lebanon, which is trying to prevent foreign intervention in Syria, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"Moscow is seriously concerned by growing internal tensions in Lebanon. It appears that the forces that have failed to realize their plans to destabilize Syria have turned to the neighboring Lebanon," the ministry said on its website on Monday.

"They clearly dislike this country's government course aimed at preventing foreign intervention in Syrian affairs and facilitating a swift peaceful settlement in Syria on the basis of Kofi Annan's plan approved by the United Nations Security Council, the actions of military and security agencies opposing the attempts at arms smuggling and militant trafficking, " the ministry said.

To attain their goals these forces are trying to stoke tensions among various Lebanese political and sectarian forces, the Ministry said.

"For our part, we are calling on Lebanese politicians to show restraint and high patriotic responsibility at this difficult moment for the country and the region. The Lebanese must not follow the lead of those who would like to sow new seeds of sectarian discord and confusion on their land. We hope that the Lebanese government and Lebanese enforcement agencies, acting strictly within the law, shall take whatever steps necessary to restore calm in the country and preserve civil peace and unity," the statement said.

An incident at an army base in the Akkar District on May 20 killed the Sunni religious leader Sheikh Abdelwahed and his aide and injured a soldier, the foreign ministry said. The circumstances of this tragic incident are being investigated by the Lebanese authorities.

The incident prompted a strong reaction in the form of riots and road blocks in a number of Sunni-populated areas. In Western Beirut, skirmishes between supporters of the Al-Mustaqbal Movement and the At-Tatyyar Al-Arabi Party continued through the night. Two were reportedly killed and 18 injured.