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Title: The real story behind the Liam Fox scandle .
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The real story behind the Liam Fox scandle .

Behind the surface of the Liam Fox scandal is a neocon network exploiting the UK/USA 'special relationship' as a cover for promoting business, military and economic interests throughout the world.

By Lindsey German
Stop the War Coalition

One aspect of the Liam Fox/Adam Werrity scandal that hasn’t received as much notice as it should is the whole issue of Atlantic Bridge.

This ‘charity’ - actually a sort of think tank established by and for a very rich group of US and British neocons - was apparently run out of Fox’s parliamentary office by its only employee, Adam Werrity.

It has recently closed down following criticism from the Charity Commission, its website bereft except for its logo of a joined union jack and stars and stripes over the slogan, ‘Strengthening the special relationship.’

Atlantic Bridge’s patron was Margaret Thatcher. The advisory board has had as members three of the most gung ho of David Cameron’s cabinet: George Osborne, William Hague and Michael Gove. Osborne and Gove in particular were especially keen on the Libya intervention to overthrow Gadaffi. Gove is one of the most hawkish of all cabinet ministers, following the warmongering views of his erstwhile employer Rupert Murdoch.

He was moved to claim as late as 2008 that ‘the liberation of Iraq has actually been that rarest of things – a proper British foreign policy success. Next year, while the world goes into recession, Iraq is likely to enjoy 10% GDP growth. Alone in the Arab Middle East, it is now a fully functioning democracy with a free press, properly contested elections and an independent judiciary’.

These fantasy justifications for a war which few would now regard as anything but an abject failure are typical of the people who have brought us war without end over the past decade. You have seen them and their allies on television programmes defending the US over Iraq, Israel over Gaza and drone attacks over Pakistan. They have written hundreds of articles justifying war, sliding over uncomfortable facts as the failure of their projects become more apparent.

The aim of Atlantic Bridge was to bring together politicians, journalists and academics to promote and develop the right wing ideas that have spawned not only war but neoliberalism, privatisation and inequality throughout the world. The ‘special relationship’ was about promoting US and British business, military and economic interests throughout the world.

No wonder that Werrity was such an asset as he toured the world meeting businessmen, setting up deals and flashing his seemingly official card proclaiming himself Fox’s adviser. How could it happen that the House of Commons and the Ministry of defence could be so compromised?

The truth is that Werrity’s conduct was irregular but not exactly out of the ordinary. Thatcher herself helped broker the biggest ever arms deal with Saudi Arabia. Defence and the arms trade are very closely intertwined, and Britain’s record of selling arms to dictators is common knowledge. The lobbying around parliament is part of the political fabric of Westminster. 

The role of Atlantic Bridge was to give an intellectual gloss to the arrogant wealthy warmongers and arms traders who have marked the past decade. The real scandal goes much further than Fox and his friends.
Title: Re: The real story behind the Liam Fox scandle .
Post by: nestopwar on October 17, 2011, 07:34:11 AM
Disgraced former UK Defence Secretary Liam Fox knowingly served Israel
By Gilad Atzmon

17 October 2011

Gilad Atzmon argues that recently-resigned UK Defence Secretary Liam Fox and his friend, the spiv Adam Werrity, are not Israel’s useful idiots but “knew exactly what they were doing and who were their donors ... fully understood their role and willingly did what was required” of them by Israel”, and that Prime Minister Cameron and his Cabinet are fully complicit.

A rather odious Israeli espionage mole has just been exposed in Britain. On 14 October, Liam Fox resigned as defence secretary following revelations about his dubious relationship with Adam Werritty. Some 17 years younger than Fox, Werrity has been involved with Fox both in business and in the conservative Atlanticist think-tank, “The Atlantic Bridge”. While Fox was defence secratary, Werrity visited Fox at the ministry on many occasions, accompanied Fox on numerous official trips, attended some of his meetings with foreign dignitaries and used official-looking business cards which announced him as an “adviser” to Fox – and all despite having no official government post whatsoever. However, it has now also been revealed that Fox and Werritty were heavily financed by the Israeli lobby and “beyond”.

Writing in the the Daily Mail, Craig Murray wondered whether Mossad was using both Fox and Werritty as “useful idiots”.

”Not only was Werritty being paid to act as an unofficial part of the defence secretary’s entourage, the money was coming from people who may have been ready to promote the interests of certain foreign governments, particularly the United States, Israel and Sri Lanka,” writes Murray. “While the United States is a very close ally, its commercial and other interests are not always identical to UK interests. Israel is not a military ally of the UK. There are often tensions between its interests in the Middle East and the UK’s interests, as in the attack on the Gaza aid convoy which resulted in the death of Turkish citizens. Turkey is an ally of the UK, being a vital member of NATO.”

Murray suggests that “Key funding sources for Werritty were from the Israeli lobby and a rather obscure commercial intelligence agency”, and then wonders, “might Mossad be pulling Werritty’s strings, with or without his knowledge?”

I’m afraid the answer is only too obvious. For a long time I have contended that there are no Jewish conspiracies. Fox and Werritty were not “useful idiots” – individuals who seem to naively support a foreign ideology or thought but in practice are cynically used by a foreign power. They knew exactly what they were doing and who they were aiding. Fox, who In 2006 said, "Israel’s enemies are our enemies and this is a battle in which we all stand together or we will all fall divided". is a strong supporter of Israel and is a member of Conservative Friends of Israel. Fox also supported the illegal war against Iraq, a war regarded by many as just another Israeli war but fought by American and British soldiers and in 2003 he voted for the invasion of Iraq. He also supports action against Iran.

So, Fox and Werritty were not naïve. They knew exactly what they were doing and who were their donors. They fully understood their role and willingly did what was required. And I’m just as convinced that Prime Minister David Cameron and his Cabinet knew exactly what they were doing when they amended Britain’s jurisdiction laws two weeks ago just so visiting Israeli war criminals could enjoy their stay.

But the tide has changed. The duplicity of our elected politicians and their ties with the Jewish lobby is now being closely scrutinized. The time has come for all of us in this country to put as much distance as we can between ourselves and Israel.