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Title: Urgent talks between DPRK and Republic of Korea
Post by: Roger on August 22, 2015, 11:00:31 AM
 Pyongyang, August 22 (KCNA) -- Hwang Pyong So, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), vice-chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK and director of the General Political Bureau of the Korean People's Army, and Kim Yang Gon, member of the Political Bureau and secretary of the C.C., the WPK, will have an urgent contact with Kim Kwan Jin, chief of the State Security Office of Chongwadae of the Republic of Korea, and Hong Yong Phyo, minister of Unification of the Republic of Korea, at Panmunjom on Saturday afternoon as regards the prevailing situation.
Title: Re: Urgent talks between DPRK and Republic of Korea
Post by: Roger on August 22, 2015, 11:02:58 AM
    Pyongyang, August 22 (KCNA) -- As already reported, the south Korean puppet military gangsters went so reckless as firing dozens of shells at the inviolable territory of the DPRK on Thursday afternoon.
     This was an unpardonable grave military provocation to seize the sovereignty and land of the DPRK, the life and soul of its army and people.
     The wild shelling was an extension of the puppet forces' rumor about the "north's provocation" which they worked out in a planned way to escalate their moves against the DPRK.
     Their story about the "north's provocation" originated from the suspicious "mine explosion" case which occurred around the puppet police post situated in the south of the Demilitarized Zone along the Military Demarcation Line in the area of Pangmok-ri, Kunnae-myon, Phaju City, Kyonggi Province on August 4.
     On August 10 even before the truth behind the case was probed, Kim Min Sok, spokesman for the puppet Ministry of Defence, in a press conference trumpeted about the "north's provocation" and then, the director in charge of operation of the puppet joint chiefs of staff announced a "statement warning the north".
     But the attention of the public at home and abroad has been focused on the fact that the "mine explosion" case was fabricated by the puppet military group keen on provoking the DPRK.
     Convincing evidence is a video the group presented as the "definite evidence", claiming it was taken from the puppet police post.
     People were stunned to see soldiers of the south Korean puppet army acting clumsily under a certain scenario. What contradicts most is that the video of the "mine explosion" was recorded even though those who are on the round the clock watch duty by depending on dense ultra-modern monitoring network claimed they failed to "observe" the planting of the "mine" because of a few trees.
     The "mine explosion" case is, indeed, a replica of the Cheonan warship sinking case and drone case, and their talk about "north's provocation" is no more than a smokescreen thrown by the puppet group to conceal the truth behind its provocation against the DPRK.
     Nevertheless, the puppet group started the broadcasts for "psychological warfare against the north" in the whole areas along the Military Demarcation Line under that pretext. It hurled not only puppet conservative organizations but riff-raffs of the "U.S. human rights foundation" into anti-DPRK leaflet scattering operations.
     In order to make the "mine explosion" case sound plausible and justify the broadcasting for "psychological warfare against the north", the group cooked up the "north's shelling" incident once again, a reckless military provocation.
     We cannot but take a serious note of the fact that the politically-motivated military provocation is timed to coincide with the Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military exercises, preemptive nuclear attack drills on the Korean Peninsula, and the group is increasing their danger.
     This is clearly evidenced by the fact that the puppet minister of Defense decided to intensify the joint military exercises by introducing U.S. B-2As and F-22A Raptors into south Korea.
     The situation clearly proves that the story about the "north's provocation" is an inevitable product of the puppet military to ignite a new war on this land at any cost, pursuant to the U.S. war scenario.
     But the puppet military gangsters are seriously mistaken if they think that they can prolong their remaining days by ratcheting up tension on the Korean Peninsula, pursuant to the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK.
     The service personnel and people of the DPRK will not make concession even a bit to anyone who tries to bring down the idea and social system of the DPRK and encroach upon its inviolable sovereignty and territory.
     The DPRK has already solemnly declared this at home and abroad and the large combined units of the front have been put on a war footing.
     The puppet military gangsters would be well advised not to forget even a moment that they may perish in a sea of fire due to their repeated provocations against the DPRK.
     War maniacs always met miserable ends.