Author Topic: South Tyneside Forum on the Alternative to Pro-War Government  (Read 2666 times)


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South Tyneside Forum on the Alternative to Pro-War Government
« on: November 02, 2009, 10:56:40 PM »
South Tyneside Forum on the Alternative to Pro-War Government

From Workers' Daily Internet Edition

On October 20, South Tyneside Stop the War Coalition held a Forum in South Tyneside entitled: “Bring the Troops Home! Block the Plans for Another Pro-War Government!” The Forum was held in the run-up to the national demonstration to demand that the troops get out of Afghanistan, recognising the importance to participate in a conscious manner and discuss the issues arising from the eight-year-old invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. But equally, it was also an opportunity to continue the discussion on making plans to block another pro-war government from coming to power, and to put an end to the catalogue of aggressive wars launched by the British ruling circles in alliance with the US. Whilst this was still very much work in progress, the programme for an anti-war government is an immediate demand with the likely General Election coming next year.

The Forum highlighted how life itself is demanding a solution and an alternative. People are being killed and maimed in Afghanistan – both the hundreds of thousands of Afghans and the hundreds of British and other soldiers killed in this brutal occupation. People are drawing their own conclusions despite the disinformation and propaganda for the war by government and media alike. It is a fact that in a local area of South Tyneside – Hebburn – the local newspaper had commented that it could not find anyone to interview who was in favour of the war in Afghanistan! All of the propaganda and lies that the war is to protect the British people from terrorism, or to give democracy and provide security in the Afghan election, are becoming more and more exposed. Poor communities in Britain, where recruitment of soldiers is high because in many cases the youth see no alternative future, are being asked to give their sons and daughters to impose by military means the same kind of “democracy” in Afghanistan that had disempowered them and left them without jobs in Britain and is refusing to recognise their right to a livelihood and a viable future.

The Forum addressed these questions and especially the question of the anti-war programme to disentangle the British state from NATO and other pro-war alliances, to disempower the generals and war industry lobby and bring the troops home from foreign soil everywhere. There was the question of supporting all those candidates in the General Election that take a stand against the war, and even more crucially the vital importance of the anti-war movement giving rise to its own anti-war candidates that uphold the anti-war agenda and the demand for an anti-war government at a political level right at the centre of British politics.

The South Tyneside Stop the War Coalition Discussion Forum is one of many forums and discussions being held throughout the country to contribute to the internal consolidation of this organised and powerful anti-war movement which was reflected in the strength of the 10,000-strong demonstration that took place on October 24 in London.