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Sunderland Stop the War Coalition
« on: November 11, 2009, 07:58:37 AM »
Sunderland Stop the War Coalition
Afghanistan: Why We Should Bring the Troops Home

45 Stop the War supporters attended Tuesday's public meeting in
Sunderland with Clare Glenton, wife of Lance Corporal Joe Glenton, the
soldier who faces desertion charges for refusing to return to Afghanistan.
Disgracefully, he has now been arrested and charged with five further
offences for speaking against the war!

86 was also collected and several more people joined the coach to the 'No
to NATO' demo in Edinburgh on Saturday (see below).

The coach is now full, but it may be possible to get a larger coach, so
please let me know if you still need seats.

The war effort in Afghanistan is starting to fall apart at the
seams. We will shortly reach the hundredth British soldier's
death this year, and there is talk in military circles of
withdrawing British troops from the frontline.

There is growing opposition amongst MPs as well as unease
amongst senior military figures. The Independent on Sunday
called for the end of the war on its front page yesterday and
other papers are becoming very critical of the war.

Most important of all, 73% of the population now believe the
troops should be brought home soon and there is growing
opposition to the war amongst the troops.
Now is the time to step up the pressure on government to bring
the troops home.


Stop the War groups will be organising protests and vigils
around the country on the tragic day when the hundredth
British soldier this year dies. The figure now stands at 95.
Please contact your local Stop the War group for details.
There will be vigils in both Newcastle and Sunderland at 5-6pm (more
details to follow shortly - supporters should bring their own suitable
banners and placards.

On December 21st, members of soldiers, ex-soldiers and
military families will be taking our Bring the Troops Home
Petition to Gordon Brown in Downing Street. More than 15,000
have already signed, but we want to get many more signatures
before December 21st. You can sign online at, but we are also asking everyone to
download a hard copy of the petition, get your colleagues and
friends to sign and return to the office.