Author Topic: African Union President Condemns NATO bombings on Libya  (Read 1988 times)


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African Union President Condemns NATO bombings on Libya
The bombing against civilian areas in Libya by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was condemned today by the president of the African Union (AU) Teodoro Obiang-Nguema.

The declaration reveals that among the forces determined to overthrow Libya´s government there is the presence of powers and forces who want to divide Africa.

Nguema, who is also President of Equatorial Guinea, called for the organization of a peace-keeping force that sets up its scenario of operations between the forces of Libyan leader Muammar Gadaffi and his rivals from the National Transition Council, which is supported by NATO.

The statements, which were made in an official communiqué of the Presidency of Equatorial Guinea, stress that the constant NATO attacks are indiscriminate and damage Libya’s infrastructure, and what’s worse, the lives of the people in the North African nation.

The declaration was made in the context of the visit to Tripoli by South African President Jacob Zuma, who is on a mediation mission launched by the AU some weeks ago, and which has not yet been fruitful.

(South press)