Author Topic: Protest this Thursday as NATO comes to London  (Read 2540 times)


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Protest this Thursday as NATO comes to London
« on: September 17, 2008, 08:25:08 PM »
Protest this Thursday as NATO comes to London     
Written by Stewart office     
Monday, 15 September 2008 

Victim of NATO bombingProtest this Thursday as NATO comes to London
Stop the Spread of War, No to US missile defence
7pm Thursday September 18th, Lancaster House, Stable Yard Road, London SW1A 1BB
Nearest tube Green Park
***Note Change of Time*** 

NATO defence ministers are meeting in London on Thursday and Friday for 'talks about NATO reorganisation'. Chaired by our very own Des Browne, items on the agenda include Afghanistan, US incursions into Pakistan, and the 'Star Wars' missile defence project.

On 3 September, at least 20 civilians were killed when US ground forces attacked a village in Pakistan. In the last week, 38 Pakistanis have been killed in US airstrikes.

Pakistan has been a key ally of the US in the 'War on Terror', but popular opinion there says that the alliance has brought only violence to their country. The spread of the war to Pakistan, a nuclear armed state, could ignite a regional war.

The US Missile Defence Shield is also on the agenda. The Georgian crisis a few weeks ago has led to the speeding up of the 'Star Wars' project. Poland has agreed to have US 'Interceptor' missiles, another provocation to war in Eastern Europe.

Stop the War Coalition and CND are calling a joint protest at this NATO meeting, and we're asking all of our supporters to be there and be noisy! Spread the word.