Author Topic: Forward to our Forum in the New Year!  (Read 3135 times)


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Forward to our Forum in the New Year!
« on: November 27, 2008, 11:01:27 PM »
We are now talking about organising the forum in the new year. I think it
is important to focus it on making preparations to block the new
arrangements for another pro-war government and focus on our agenda
of an anti-war government and standing anti-war candidates.  Firstly, to
bring together all those who actively supported and took a stand at the
last election in the borough on this basis.   

As we consider this you can see the sinister events which are being
promoted as a new 9/11 which are being unfolded in India to line people
up behind Obama and Biden to step up the war in Afghanistan and
spread it to Pakistan. 

As we consider this you can see in Miliband the foreign secretary visit to
the Congo the stepped up interference in Africa and the genocide that
massacres that are being carried out to depopulate countries to give
maximum access to steal their natural resources.

As we consider this you can see the stepped up militaristation here, the
preparations for war and plans to suppress the population here and
economic bondage and other unthinkable contingencies of the
government to protect the very rich.   

These are the things that must make people bring forward their own anti-
war candidates and in our case building on the experience and
successes of the last election. However, this time we need to make
preparations in good time and I think a forum that focuses on this and
brings together anti-war forces that were able to make headway on this
at the last election is imperative to this discussion.

It is also important  that a focused discussion on this is taken out widely
into the collectives of the workers and the people and the Forum can
both act to bring people in and as a spring board to take this out with a
new issue of  Silence is Shame and speakers.

Forward to the Forum in the New Year!
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