Author Topic: Why is the U.S. Seeking to Prolong the Ukrainian Crisis?  (Read 124 times)


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Why is the U.S. Seeking to Prolong the Ukrainian Crisis?
« on: May 05, 2022, 03:36:40 PM »

   Why is the U.S. Seeking to Prolong the Ukrainian Crisis?
DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs

May 3, 2022

   The prolonged Ukrainian crisis produces complicated international problems.

The world economy is in the grip of depression, and the international relations based on the principles of mutual respect and equality get disintegrated. As a result of this, structure of acute confrontation between the progressive and reactionary forces has been formed.

The chief culprit, which is inciting and fanning up such a situation, is none other than the U.S.

Not long ago, the U.S. defense secretary, during his trip to Kiev, asserted that they want to see Russia weakened through this war. Thus, he revealed once again that the ultimate goal of the U.S. policy towards Russia is to totally collapse it.

The international society can hardly refrain from their consternation at the aggressive and open reckless remarks made by the U.S. defense secretary, imitating what the U.S. president just said that Vladimir Putin should step down from power.

It is not surprising that even BBC news of the UK, an ally of the U.S., criticized the U.S., saying that such a remark can hardly be expected to be coming out from the mouth of the defense secretary.

What the U.S. needs now is only Ukraine which can wear and weaken Russia. Save for this, nothing comes into its consideration.

The experts appraised that the U.S. triggered the present Ukrainian crisis by maximizing the security threat, socio-economic instability and international isolation against Russia under the 2019 strategy of Rand Corporation and that everything is going now according to that scenario. This vividly proves that the U.S. is none other than the chief culprit in the aggravated Ukrainian crisis and the heinous war maniac.

Under the intentional plan of the U.S., Ukraine is being turned into a place of arms sale and test of the U.S. and Western countries as well as a theater of proxy war to plunge Russia into a total ruin, and the government of Gilinsky is paying its price with the blood of innocent Ukrainian people.

The economic crisis is becoming a reality with a record high inflation rate in recent decades caused by a mountain of national debt which is snowballing. But the offering "unstinted military assistance" to Ukraine. It is to satisfy the greed of the munition monopolies which are trying to hit the jackpot through the war.

It is no accident that an ex-official of the U.S. Defense Department ridiculed that the Pentagon, munitions enterprises and the U.S. Congress are quietly drinking champagne in celebration after an all-out conflict between Russia and Ukraine began.

The U.S., which is fishing in troubled waters by seeking to prolong the Ukrainian crisis, is a heinous enemy of humankind that loves peace and progress, and it is the world's biggest criminal state.

Genuine peace will never settle on this planet as long as the U.S. exists.

All the world people should turn out in the struggle to oppose high-handedness and arbitrariness of the U.S. and to safeguard peace and stability.

Ri Pyong Jin Researcher of the Institute for Disarmament and Peace Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DPRK