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Title: Libya and the stop the war movement
Post by: nestopwar on February 24, 2011, 10:10:42 PM
Today I saw as predicted the danger that is emerging in the peoples anti-war
movement. That danger comes from its leadership that since the heroic
uprising of the Egyptian people this leadership has become fixed on the
peoples movement against dictators in the Middle East and North Africa and
not on its anti-imperialist character so this leadership is no longer able to
analyse the danger coming from the Anglo-US powers who are bent on
manipulating this movement in their favour.

One of the leading members of the coalition locally texted  me saying that a
Libyan had been in touch and would I support and even chair its seems a
rally at the Monument in support of the Libyan people. Again of course it was
"urgent" and the person was not happy with a meeting that stop the war had
organised on the Middle East risings Monday week to discuss it.

My view to this organiser was that Egypt was already under the control of US
imperialism and that it was a close ally of their "war on terror" so the
uprising of the people threatened directly this alliance and their plans in the
middle East and North Africa and this is what our focus was not Muburak as
such.  But Libya was not in control of the Anglo US powers and they wanted
to get control of it so they were discussing sanctions and even miltiary
intervention and bombings against the sovereignty of Libya. I said that what
was the difference with Iraq and Saddam Hussein when they launched
sanctions, bombings and eventually invaded under one pretext after another.  
For the stop the war movement our concern should be to oppose the
ambitions of the Anglo-US powers to utilise the opposition of the people for
their purposes and confront our own pro-war and rapacious regimes. Of
course what came back was to justify it on the basis of Gaddafi had to say
at some point that he supported the war on terror in meeting a US official
and meeting with Tony Blair.  This was used to justify to placing  Libya in the
same camp with the US like Egypt. Then  the main reason given to clinch that
stop the war should support the protest was to support the people of
Libya. Also, that the national stop the war is organising something on Libya
tomorrow. Anyway, this rally is not going ahead as these individuals are
away and there was recognition of our disorganised state so for pragmatic
reasons this rally is not taking place although the Libyans may organise
something from the university which is entirely their right.  .

Incidentally, some notable figures in the anti-war movement beside lumping
Libya in the US camp also link it as the BBC does with the the overthrow of
the Eastern European regimes in 1989 which clearly had the aim of placing
these Eastern European countries in the orbit of the Anglo-US and European
powers and had nothing to do with democracy and freedom for the people
other than they got rid of old system that needed to be renewed only to be
placed in an even older discredited one which then destroyed everything
positive they had built up.   So, here it is revealed the whole danger and
weakness of this leadership. I said to this organiser  that there is a danger
here that the Stop The War Coalition will end up on the side of the very wars
it proclaims to oppose.