Author Topic: AU insists on ending military action against Libya  (Read 1335 times)


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AU insists on ending military action against Libya
« on: April 30, 2011, 09:38:50 PM »
AU insists on ending military action against Libya
Posted: 2011/04/28
From: Mathaba     
 The 53-state African Union has again insisted that the illegal attacks against Libya by Italy, France, Britain, USA and other NATO allies cease and that all non-African forces desist from infringing upon African sovereignty

April 26, ADDIS ABABA — The African Union on Wednesday urged an end to military actions targeting senior Libyan officials and Libyan people, two days after NATO air strikes again hit the African King and international revolutionary leader Mu'ammar Qaddafi's compound in Tripoli.

“Council urges all involved to refrain from actions, including military operations targeting Libyan senior officials… that would further compound the situation and make it more difficult to achieve international consensus on the best way forward,” the AU said.

The pan-African body stressed the need for all the parties involved in the implementation of the UN's F-UK-US resolution 1973 “to act in a manner fully consistent with international legality and the resolution’s provisions, whose objective is solely to ensure the protection of the civilian population.”

On Monday NATO warplanes continued their attempt to kill the African King Muammar Qaddafi by bombing his simple house yet again in Tripoli, in clear violation of their own F-UK-US resolution carried out under the guise of legitimacy of the UN. China, Russia, Brazil, India, South Africa, and many other countries around the world have condemned the blatant attempts by NATO to recolonize Africa.

F-UK-US have already confiscated some $100,000,000,000 (one hundred billion dollars) that Libya had deposited in banks to enable the 53 African states that all make up the African Union to set up a Central Bank, Monetary Fund and Investment bank for projects across Africa that would have raised Africa out of poverty and into first class health, communications and educational services.

The US and UK defence chiefs Robert Gates and Liam Fox said at a joint press conference Tuesday the choice of target was legitimate.

This has opened the way for any head of state to be "legitimately" assassinated, and a new reign of lawlessness, another reason that growing numbers of governments and the majority of social and human rights activists around the world are calling for the prosecution of the F-UK-US NATO regimes to be held to account for their actions.

The AU statement said that the Union would look into convening an extraordinary meeting in May to "review peace and security on the continent, in light of the new crises and threats" from NATO against Africa.

The AU had already been prevented from carrying out its peace mission to Libya last month, by the NATO bombings of Libya, which included the use of Depleted Uranium and Cluster Bombs, confirmed by the Italian fascist President, in violation of the constitutions of the NATO countries.

NATO has claimed from the start and still after more than 5 weeks of non-stop bombing of Libya that their air force attacks against the sovereign state are being carried out to "protect civilians" and "prevent a massacre." NATO has claimed that the Libyan Air Force had conducted bombings of cities, however Russia has shown military satellite images throughout the period showing that no air force flights took place in the areas at all, and thus there were no massacres nor bombings by Libya against its population.

The NATO states' media and the Jazeera media of Qatar, a state run by a royal family that allows for no democratic elections nor opposition and has long been accused by Libya's Mu'ammar Qaddafi as being a dictatorship, claimed that several cities in Libya were bombed and that "Qaddafi ('s Air Force) was massacring people", yet the NATO countries' spy satellites data will also show that no bombings took place and even on-line images available via Google.

Because of this, analysts point out that the claim is a blatant and easily proven lie, and that the NATO F-UK-US Alliance has carried out mass destruction of Libyan infrastructure and causing hundreds of deaths and contamination with thousands of severe injuries, in full knowledge that the reason for the attack is the overthrow of Libyan democracy and the murder of Mu'ammar Qaddafi.

Libya’s foreign minister on Tuesday had asked the African Union Peace and Security Council (AU-PSC) to convene an extraordinary summit to find ways to fight “external forces.”

“My delegation proposes the holding as soon as possible of an extraordinary session of the assembly of the (African) Union to identify the ways that enable our continent to mobilise capabilities to face the external forces which aggress against us,” Abdelati Obeidi said.

Talks at the AU headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, seeking a negotiated settlement to the Libyan conflict began on Monday and wound up late Tuesday, with AU officials meeting with a team sent by the Libyan Government and a delegation of the terrorists that have taken over much of the East of Libya and which are being supported by the NATO F-UK-US Alliance. The Libyan Government and the Terrorist National Council sides did not, however, meet for direct talks.

The AU has put forward suggestions for a way out of the conflict. Legitimate Libyan Government’s side has said it would abide by the proposals but the Terrorists which include Al-Qaida of North Africa say they can only accept the AU’s offer "once Qaddafi and his sons leave power".

However, although Qaddafi's sons and daughter hold positions as heads of various charitable organizations, sports clubs, and companies, they have never held any government positions and Mu'ammar Qaddafi himself resigned from all government positions already since 1977, retaining leadership of the Libyan Revolutionary Committees Movement, a non-governmental (in fact "anti-governmental") anarchist movement which advocates for democracy, socialism and national unity by studying and educating on the theories of The Green Book.

Mu'ammar Qaddafi is recognized by some 1,000 Kings around Africa's traditional societies as their own King, giving him the title "King of Kings", due to his generous advocacy for the development of Africa and his successful calls upon the Libyan people and their government to sacrifice for the sake of Africa and a debt-free future.

Muslims around the world also generally recognize him as the "Imam" (leader) of Muslims, and Leader of the World Islamic People's Leadership. As a progressive Muslim Qaddafi has advocated for all believers to be allowed to visit Abraham's original Church, the Ka'aba in Mecca, and not only Muslims as at present, and Libya has religious freedom. Whilst the 7 million Libyans are almost all Muslim, other minority faiths can practice and congregate openly and there are no frictions and no tensions between any religious communities.

Muammar Qaddafi has put forward a number of warnings and solutions to various problems in the world, many of which are documented and available for reading at his web site which was taken off the Internet by the Americans last month and is now back on line from Russia.

The International Revolutionary Committees Movements had also acknowledged him as "teacher, thinker and leader" of the International Revolutionary Committees, however during the past 10 years many of the movements had recognized Hugo Chavez of Venezuela as the International Revolutionary Leader as Qaddafi had reached agreements with the F-UK-US countries in exchange for lifting the unjust F-UK-US imposed UN sanctions against Libya.

With the attacks on Libya however the Qaddafi had been set free from the restraints and is once again taking up the leadership of the international revolutionary committees movements.

Reports indicate that African Union (AU) Commission met with the opposition Terrorist "Transitional National Council" (TNC) which provided a promising opportunity for resolving the crisis. The TNC has carried out massacres against soldiers after they surrendered and against the many Libyan and other African Blacks in racist pogroms, which they have even recorded on mobile phones and proudly shared on YouTube videos. However the F-UK-US NATO Alliance which issues orders to the TNC insisted that Qaddafi "must first step down along with his family then the peace talk will take place", an impossible condition given that he has no position to step down from.

In theory, Qaddafi could abdicate his position as King of Kings of Africa, and Leader of the International Revolutionary Committees Movement, but neither are government roles. He certainly could not undo his historic position as Founding Father of the Libyan democratic socialist Jamahiriya system which enabled direct participatory democracy to be born in Libya.

He has given several open air speeches in Tripoli during the ongoing bombings, during which he said that he is not afraid of the "fireworks" and threats of the "handful of fascists" of NATO, the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization, and has a right to be in his home. He said he will not leave Libya and would rather die a martyr.

The United States sent a delegation to propose that Qaddafi leave Libya to some other African country and head up an "honorary" position within the African Union. Qaddafi's response was said to be along the lines of "if you come and kneel in front of me, and confirm that I am the King of Kings of Africa, and also give me Custodianship of the Holy Mecca, then I will leave Libya."

There is a serious possibility that depending on the outcomes of talks and meetings between African brothers and sisters and Peace loving people around the world, that he may be willing to move around the Heart of Africa and continue his role as an international revolutionary leader and lead Africa and the world's fight back against the aggressive colonialists of the I-F-UK-US NATO states.

Alternatively if the Saudi King, who is on shaky ground, is "knocked off his perch", the Muslims are likely to welcome him to Mecca to take over there in a religious international capacity and leave the F-UK-US-Italy NATO group to continue its non-winnable war and inevitable defeat in Libya. Several options may be on the table, but the consensus is that Mu'ammar Qaddafi is not a coward unlike the Arab dictators such as former Tunisia's Zein-Al-Abideen, Bahrain's King, and the Saudi King, and will not be intimidated, but will do whatever he thinks is best for Africa.

The African Union also said it wanted to speed up consultations with a view to starting "negotiations on a ceasefire and the other aspects of the Libyan crisis." These talks will be led by the AU and will also involve the Arab League, the European Union and the UN.

The AU urged the Libyan parties to cooperate in the talks and said there should be “no preconditions” for them to start.

All conditions that hamper the talks progress have thus far been imposed by the NATO F-UK-US-I countries.

-- Submitted by Ajaks with editing from Mathaba News Agency African News Desk