Author Topic: European human rights standards do not appear to apply to Muslims  (Read 1183 times)


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European human rights standards do not appear to apply to Muslims

Islamic Human Rights Commission

Press release: Abu Hamza case reveals British double standards

The conviction of the deported British cleric Abu Hamza by a court in
New York highlights once again the double standards of the British
criminal justice system in dealing with Muslims.

Abu Hamza was one of series of Muslim terrorism suspects to be removed
to third countries when it became clear that a prosecution could not
successfully be brought at home.

IHRC believes that the process of transferring suspects to prosecution-
friendly jurisdictions amounts to 'justice shopping' in which officials
seek out countries where lower evidence thresholds apply or where
defendant's rights are not as robust. Today's remarks by the PM David
Cameron appearing to criticise our commitment to the European Convention
on Human Rights for making deportations difficult confirms this belief.

Other Muslims to have been recently deported to the US include Talha
Ahsan and Babar Ahmed. The British government also went out of its way
to deport Abu Qatada to Jordan last year despite reservations about
whether he would receive a fair trial. Despite a guarantee obtained by
the British government that Abu Qatada would be tried by a civilian
judge Jordanian authorities appointed a military judge.

It must be remembered that the offences for which Abu Hamza was tried in
the US were allegedly committed while he was resident in the UK. Some of
them including the alleged participation in a hostage-taking in Yemen
even involved British citizens. It is a reasonable expectation and a
fundamental principle of natural justice that crimes should be
prosecuted in the country in which they are committed.

IHRC chair Massoud Shadjareh said: "The fact that Abu Hamza had to be
shipped to the US confirms a dual system of justice in Britain by which
European human rights standards do not apply to Muslims and politicians
can shop around to look for jurisdictions where they can be more easily

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