Author Topic: Cameron Wants Bombing and War – Not a Solution to the Terrorism He Helped Create  (Read 1996 times)


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Cameron Wants Bombing and War – Not a Solution to the Terrorism He Helped Create
Leaflet distributed in South Shields on Saturday November 29 2015
David Cameron bombed Libya in 2011 for regime change and destroyed this sovereign country which had a modern infrastructure and caused  thousands of deaths so that now Libya has descended into mayhem and anarchy. His war on Libya is now destabilising Tunisia, Mali and the whole of north Africa.  Cameron is now planning to come back to Parliament next week with a motion to authorise British bombing in Syria.  Having failed to get Parliament to back him in 2013 Cameron is using the terrible atrocity in Paris as justification for yet more bombing.   Cameron claims: “We’ll solve this problem if we have a political strategy, a diplomatic strategy, a humanitarian strategy.” But they haven’t.

Yet again his aim is for regime change in Syria demanding the overthrow of Assad and supporting the “rebels” despite Daesh (ISIS) being his claimed target.  Cameron’s bombing of Iraq has made no difference to ISIS in Iraq and even they say it has become stronger as a result.  Already a NATO country, Turkey,  has shot down a Russian plane as NATO contends for power over Syria. Do you trust Cameron?  Everyone should take a stand in opposition to Britain's military intervention, as one with the anti-war movement which Corbyn represents in Parliament. Oppose the ruling elite’s destructive, violent, interventionist programme abroad which is the cause of terrorism. It is the cause of the massive refugee crisis, the cause of Islamophobia and the scape-goating of Muslims.     

Take a stand against Cameron and the ruling elite’s abuse of the victims of Paris by taking Britain into more disastrous wars.  Lobby your MP now. Send a message to your MP on the Stop The War website: